The origin of the family name "Padberg" and all it's variations is deduced from the place in the Sauerland / Westphalia /Germany named Padberg.
Today it is a part of the city of Marsberg. The former (independent) city Padberg was founded in or before AD 1263.

The earliest source about the Padberg name is a document from AD 1030. In this count Hahold von Pathberch is mentioned.

An ancestor of many Padbergs in the present time was Johann (Hans) Padberg. We assume, that either his father or grandfather was a member of the noble von Padberg family. One member (most likely Johann IV von Padberg) married morganaticaly. Therefore the next generation wasn't allowed to keep the "von" in his name and to become his heir.

Hans, born in 1501, married and settled in the village of Küstelberg. His descendants foundet in several generations many branches of Padbergs, which spread out in the cities and villages of the Sauerland. But also in the Netherlands, the USA, Canada and Australia we find cousins, who have the common ancestor Hans.