Information about Family Reunions in the past and future

Mark your calendars for the next
International Reunion of all Pad/dt/t/tt-bergs

The event will happen at the weekend of

19th - 21st October 2018.
in St. Louis, Missouri

Your requests and / or registrations are welcome at anytime.
Please connect: Heinz-Bernd Padberg

The last
International Reunion of all Pad/dt/t/tt-bergs

took place July 13 / 14 2013
in Bredelar / Germany = the same place like in 2008

One of the International Reunion of all Pad/dt/t/tt-bergs
took place Friday, July 30 to Sunday, August 1

2010 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Prepared souvenirs were

- Padberg – German license plate (Can$ 13.00)
- hats with Padberg familiy crest (Can$ 27.50 / sold out)

(Click into the picture for a larger image!)

The „International Reunion Padberg/Padtberg/Patberg/Pattberg“ has happened
June 21/22  2008 in the monastery of Bredelar
(founded AD 1170 in the neighborhood of Padberg town)

we say THANK YOU“
The documentation will be continued soon

Invitation, Information and Registration form
(<=PDF- for downloading)
Program / Agenda (<= PDF-for downloading)

The Familientag of 2007 took place in:
Grönebach (Germany) at Saturday, May 5th

Thank you Ruth and family for the wonderful organization.

The „International Reunion – October 6-8, 2006 – in St. Louis, Missouri (USA)
was a wonderful event.

Many Thanks to    Julie    , her mother Carol    and her husband   Wayne   
for doing great by organizing everything.

Thank you“ very much also to Nancy and Mike for the „Oktoberfest“.
„Thank you“ also to all family members, who supported the activities.

More information (when the website is updated) at